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Meet our friendly and experienced board of directors.

Danielle Parker

How I help: I am the Client Director and I deal with all aspects of client liaison alongside co Director David Poppleton. In addition I am responsible for the management of our property management team and our Building Safety team. 

A little bit more: With over 22 years in the property industry and 17 years specifically within block management, my experience and knowledge allow me to implement policies and practices to ensure seamless management of all our sites. 

David Poppleton

How I help: I am undertake the business financial and accounting management of the company alongside maintaining business relationships with clients.

A little bit more: I started 18 years ago as a property investor initially, making the transition into property management a few years later. I have a background in accounting and legal practices, which allows me to ensure we are fully compliant and up to date on all legal and financial matters. To this day my passion is still football and in my teenage years I played for Everton Football Club.

Chris Peters

How I help : I oversee the Southern Region, focused from our main office in Central London. I am committed to the Companies goals of sustained growth and excellence within the leasehold property management sector.

A little bit more :  I have worked within the property sector for over 12 years, specialising in residential leasehold management for the last 7 years following starting my time in property in the commercial sector. 

Andrea Barnard

How I help : I am HR director for the company alongside being responsible for the implementation of the companies policies and procedures. 

A little bit more : I have been solely working within the block management industry for 20 years which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this ever changing sector.